grape harvesting vol 1

It’s that time of year. Wine grape harvesting!
A couple weeks ago I was invited to Barbare Vineyards in Tekirdağ for grape harvesting. I have been wanting to go to a wineyard at harvesting season for a long time but every year something came up and I had to put it off.
This year I got lucky to be visiting a great vineyard, with an amazing host, Tulin Bozuyuk and a friend of mine, Rana, who runs her own catering business, and  finally witnessing a harvest. I must admit that I am a wine lover and therefore it was even more meaningful for me to experience the long and difficult process of making it. Of course we ended up tasting a variety of delicious wines while we were there. But almost as fun as the tasting, we had a picnic with these wines accompanied by local cheese, Tekirdag meatballs and stuffed grape leafs made by the women working in the vineyard. 
These are the shots for editorial purposes and i will share more in the upcoming days..

Barbara Wineyards
Yazır Köyü Karaağaçlık Mevkii / Tekirdağ