a fresh start

For a while now I haven`t being posting anything on the blog.  One of the reasons for this is that, I have been trying to decide whether this blog should keep on being published under my website, nameless as it is or should it have its own identity and be a brand new start.

Finally, I decided to make a fresh start as it is always a good idea :) This blog is now called ‘mabelique‘, a name I made up years ago that I love so dearly due to its phonetic and uniqueness. With a simple and clean look, which is my motto in general, hopefully mabelique will keep you wonder what is coming next every week. 

This blog will be about photography, sometimes personal and other times professional works of mine will be displayed. Those of you who already follow me already know and the new followers will see that my main subjects are food, travel, portraits and interiors. I just want to share the details of life and the beauty I see in it everyday.

Mabelique will be my archive, a platform where I keep track of my creative process. Hope you will like being a witness of this process.


Thank you being here.