danish food still life with Carmen Trosser (food photo festival part2)

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'Danish Food Still Life  with Carmen Trosser is one of the most inspirational food styling workshops I have attended at the food photo festival in Denmark. It was really fun to make simple, beautiful "messes" with locally sourced artisan breads, cheeses, jams, fish, and other local foods. And I am so happy to have an opportunity to place a piece of Denmark in my portfolio. It was also a pleasure to meet such a kind and talented photographer in person, I am totally fell in love with her portfolio. If you love food photography I recommend you to check her website

food photo festival 2015 Vejle, Denmark (part1)

Last month I have attended Food Photo Festival in Vejle, Denmark. Numerous food photographers, stylists, editors and buyers around the world came together at this festival. Conferences, workshops, portfolio reviews and networking events  were excellent opportunities to meet with the editors of Europe based magazines. 

It was a fabulous experience to participate such an event.  I have attended three workshops, styling in a restaurant setting’ by Mary Valentin, ‘meat styling and photography techniques’  by Heidi Robb Clarissa Westmeyer  and ‘danish food still life’ by Carmen Trosser.
All the workshops were incredibly inspiring and it was a great opportunity to see other professionals work. I appreciate  generousity of sharing their knowledge and experience with us.
I will share  the photos from the workshops in a separate post  (maybe 2-3 posts)

The only thing I am not totally satisfied is that I couldn`t find enough time to attend all the conference sessions. But one of the most inspiring one I've attended was by the owners of the Fool Magazine, husband and wife duo photographer Per-Anders Jörgensen and creative director Lotta Jörgensen. The Fool Magazine is an award winning gastronomic magazine without recipes. Their aim was to make a different magazine on contemporary food culture. The couple talked about their vision and how they succeeded in creating such a unique magazine. 

The other inspiring conference was Mary Valentin’s speech about food styling and food photography trends all over the world. She shared her observations about the differences between US and Europe editorial trends.  There was also a speech about re-inventing traditions by Frank Lindner and self-marketing in social media/foodbook market by Stevan Paul, all very helpful for professionals like me.


Besides the conferences,  a food photography exhibition took place with work from 30 photographers from around the world. It was the biggest exhibition of food photography and being able to see all fine art photographs together was very inspirational. Jean Cazals's Eat Me, Corey Arnold's Fish-work The Bering Sea, Stevan Paul and Andrea Thode's Gone were the ones I admired most.

The Spinderilhallerne , the old Spinning Mill was an excellent choice to exhibit all those great photographs. Per Anders Jörgensen won the Food Feature 2015 and Food Photo 2015 awards for 'eating with the chefs' series. 


Thank you to the team for all their efforts and kindness during the organization and  Gunter Beer, the man behind the whole foodphotofestival organization. I was honored and grateful to be a part of this community who shares the same passion with me. Hope to meet you all again.

 I returned to Istanbul highly motivated and with an improved vision of my career.  Who knows, maybe during the next festival I can take place in the exhibition myself :)

* photos taken by iPhone 6.