recent work:kilimanjaro

At the beginning of this year I photographed recently opened, charming  Kilimanjaro, a restaurant located in renovated Bomonti's Historic Brewery. The factory had been turned into an art, culture and entertainment complex, named Bomontiada, with a couple of good restaurants, cafes and an art gallery within. It is a beautiful space and the interior is designed by world known Turkish architects, Autoban. The menu is focused on seasonal and local ingredients, mostly delivered from nearby Feriköy Organic Market. Freshly baked bread and all the charcuterie are all made in-house. The impressive menu is based on traditional Turkish cuisine with a twist.  My favorites from the menu are; smoked tarhana soup with sour black-eyed peas,oaked-smoked bonito with peppers&herbs, served with sourdough toast&aiolicrispy slow-cooked lamb, served with almond firik rice and fava beans wrapped in cabbage leaves, served with taragon yogurt dressing. In later hours, the bar with its signature cocktails gets crowded. My favourites are wasabi martini and spicy passion.. Be careful, these cocktails can be really addictive! 

I feel so lucky to work with the people who developed such a unique menu, Mustafa Otar, the executive chef of Kilimanjaro and Cemre Narin, f&b advisor of Babylon restaurants and photograph all these scrumptious dishes. Be sure to check them out next time you are in Istanbul. 

Tarihi Bomonti Bira Fabrikası, 
Birahane Sokak, No:1 Bomonti / Şişli

meat styling & photography (foodphotofestival/part 3)

Working with meat always made me nervous because it is not easy to get the appealing image from your meat everytime. There are certain techniques to be applied by the food stylist and photographer to get the best results. At this meat 'styling & photography techniques' workshop, I have met two very talented and experienced ladies, Heidi Robb and Clarissa Westmeyer, who are very good at their proffessions. They showed us how to work through multiple stages of meat styling, lighting and photography from raw to cooked, and how to best preserve its integrity for time spent on set. It is so rewarding to see the harmony between them while they were working on set. First and foremost I really appreciate generousity of sharing their knowledge and experience with us.

Clarissa is adjusting her camera settings while Heidi is preparing the meat.

Heidi is styling the meat plate with fresh and beautiful garnishes from the china market.

This is the final image from my lens. For the other posts about Food Photo Festival 2015, you can check on these links



danish food still life with Carmen Trosser (food photo festival part2)

danish food still life-9.jpg
danish food still life-14.jpg

'Danish Food Still Life  with Carmen Trosser is one of the most inspirational food styling workshops I have attended at the food photo festival in Denmark. It was really fun to make simple, beautiful "messes" with locally sourced artisan breads, cheeses, jams, fish, and other local foods. And I am so happy to have an opportunity to place a piece of Denmark in my portfolio. It was also a pleasure to meet such a kind and talented photographer in person, I am totally fell in love with her portfolio. If you love food photography I recommend you to check her website